Our hardwoods are harvested from well-managed forests.

Bubinga is a hard and heavy wood with a moderately coarse, even texture. It is strong and durable and has a red-brown heartwood with red and purple veining. The sapwood is pale white.
Cherry has a number of wonderful characteristics. As it ages it changes to a deep, rich, red-brown color within a year. Often peppered with exotic black spots and swirling grain.
This wood is part of the Maple family. Its grain has more of an opulent design than maple, almost pearl-like, which creates a beautiful figure. Also, it can be flecked with mineral deposits making each board unique.
Noted for its remarkable durability, this wood is very light in color, almost white, and sometimes is flecked with black mineral deposits in its smooth grain.
The red tone, varying from deep red to lighter pink, and an open-pored grain make this wood an all-time favorite. Oak has been a major choice of wood because it is hard and durable.
This Vermont maple features the marks left from taps used by sugarmakers to harvest the sap they use to make maple syrup. A tribute to this Vermont heritage, tapped maple has become a popular request from our customers!
Due to its slow growth, this wood is relatively scarce. Its "smoky" grain, umber tones and high contrast between the heart and sapwoods produce a dramatic effect. In time, Walnut lightens just slightly to a chocolate-brown color.
This even-colored wood is brownish-gray in tone with a straighter, more open grain than Red Oak. White Oak is extremely hard and durable.